Consumer & Marketing Communication

Consumers today are a different breed from yesterday. There is no denying that it is more and more difficult for marketers to penetrate communication messages to consumers, who have much control over the information they want to receive. We understand the way consumers make decisions. Consumers follow trends; listen to the recommendations of trusted media and personalities and base their decisions on them.

It is our job to engage consumers with our clients‘ brand, making a difference in the way they think of the brand and products and positively influencing the way they act and what they say to others about the brand. Applying our experience and expertise, we are able to create a range of effective marketing communications strategies and techniques which surrounds the consumer in ways that will influence their decisions. Using proprietary tools and creative thinking, it is our job to dive through the thousands of messages that barrage consumers everyday, allowing your message to surface and rise above the rest.

Developing innovative approaches for the easily bored consumers, we strategically reach influencers of consumers to maximize the power of word-of-mouth. Through constant editorial coverage, endorsements from trusted personalities and clients‘ ambassadors, Asia PR Werkz‘s consumer marketing communications team will be able to translate public relations ideas into positive business outcomes. Whether it is to help you launch a new product, drive sales or increase market share, from consumer technology products to travel, from health supplements to fashion apparels, from food to contact lenses – even pilates.

With our senior executives closely involved in all projects from overall strategy to tactical execution, you can be assured that our focus on the vital details will yield measurable results for your communications campaign.